A Sunny Day at Nisqually

It wasn’t great birding at Nisqually today, but it was a great day. All the Pacific Northwest rain ensures that any sunny day, particularly a sunny day in late fall, is a great day to be out walking and enjoying nature.

My best shot of the day was probably a shot of an American Bittern, but since it wasn’t as good as last week’s shot, I thought I’d go with some shots of small songbirds, like this shot of a female Purple Finch,

female Purple Finch

this shot of a Gold Crowned Sparrow,

Gold Crowned Sparrow

and an Oregon Junco,

Oregon Junco

the only birds that weren’t gun-shy, probably with good reason since there was obviously a duck hunter blasting away on McAllister Creek, while bursts of machine-gun fire drifted across the Nisqually river from Fort Lewis.

I ended the day by talking photography with David Berg and Jared O’Conner. All in all, it was a great day.

3 thoughts on “A Sunny Day at Nisqually”

  1. The angle of that Purple Finch’s head is amazing. As usual your photography is brilliant Loren – I do enjoy it. I told a birding friend to look at your site and she was very impressed with the bittern!

  2. Birds are especially photogenic in the late fall light when the sun is low in the sky here in the Pacific Northwest. I like these three photos very much. loren.

    The Purple Finch appears to be doing a bird’s variation of the Half Moon Pose from the Iyengar Yoga tradition. Wonderful!

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