Today at Nisqually

After Skye’s morning walk I decided that I needed to take advantage of our beautiful weather, and get some kind of pictures this week, and spend the rest of the day at Nisqually.

The day seemed to being rather propitiously, when I spotted this American Bittern right outside the visitor’s center, the first I’ve managed to get a picture of this year.

American Bittern

Unfortunately, the rest of the day didn’t seem to follow that lead as birds were scarce again. Still, it’s hard not to appreciate a late summer day when the temperature reaches 80º and the sunlight comes streaming down through green leaves.

Green Leaves in Sunshine

Still, there were more than a few signs that Fall is near, with many leaves starting to turn brown,

Leaves turning Brown

while others are turning brilliant fall-reds.

Leaves Turning Red

Finally, on the way back, after covering nearly seven miles I managed to spot several Great Blue Herons that were back feeding at the creeks after the tide finally came in.

Great Blue Heron

Of course, now that breeding season is over Great Blue Herons are nearly as common as crows and Canada Geese so I wasn’t overly excited to be getting yet another picture of them. After three years of shooting them, I’m finding it very difficult to get better shots than I already have filling up my hard drive.

I was surprised, though, to see this male Wood Duck in full breeding colors. I could have sworn that that didn’t take place until Spring.

Male Wood Duck on Stump

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  1. These photos show what I love about this time of year in the Pacific Northwest. Something about the angle of the sunlight, the fact that the cloud cover can lift for days at a time, and that the air is dry, warm, and full of energy. I’ve begun to hear, and and then see, Steller’s Jays when I walk in the woods. I walk most happily in September and October.

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