Consider this a Political Entry

If you visit here regularly you’ve probably noted I’ve been unusually silent on the presidential elections, especially considering that I began this blog as a protest against America’s invasion of Afghanistan and wrote extensively, even on another political blog, during the last Presidential election. I haven’t changed my politics since then, though I was undecided whether I wanted Hilary or Barack to win the Democratic nomination. After Obama won the nomination I donated a hundred dollars to his campaign.

Overall, though, I’ve been less than happy with the Democrats since they gained their congressional majority. So much so, that I’ve not given money to the DNC again, and doubt I will ever do so again. I really consider myself an independent, not a Democrat, and have decided that it only makes sense to give money to particular candidates whose ideas I endorse, not to a party as such.

I know that I’ll vote for Obama and Biden in this election, so I’ve spared myself the agony of listening to all the political news, though I still enjoy listening to The Daily Show. I no longer watch news shows. I do continue to read rather broadly on the web, though NOT political blogs. I belong to a number of organizations like the ACLU or conservation groups that send me email updates when an important bill is coming up, and I try to personalize any messages that I send to my representatiives.

The main reason I’ve not mentioned politics, though, is that I assume that nearly everyone who visits here regularly and is an American citizen is already going to vote for Obama. Certainly my liberal bias is obvious, as is the political views of nearly everyone I link to, though that’s a general impression, not one I’ve tried to verify.

About the only political recommendation I would make is that readers subscribe to both and to set straight all the crazy rumors and false statements that both parties seem unable to avoid in their ads, even though it’s a little depressing how both candidates seem to feel it is necessary to lie, or at least distort the truth in order to run a winning campain.

After I read an article sent by a friend that suggested that conservative thinkers have dominated recent political discussion, I have been reading Moyers On Democracy and will comment on politics in general in the next few days.