Seven Years Old

I’m always a little amazed when “In a Dark Time’s” anniversary rolls around. It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for seven years, created 1,701 entries, and received 5, 371 comments. (Only God knows how much spam I’ve received, but I do know that Askimet has caught 96,485 entries since I installed it a little over a year ago.) I’ve long since managed to lose track of how many visitors I’ve had, but it’s well over a million, and I’ve gone from averaging ten or less visits a day when I began to over 1,000 per day in the last year.

I started out with Blogger, switched to Movable Type and, recently, to WordPress. You don’t have to look too hard to see how the blog has changed in time. Of course, some entries have suffered from being translated from one program to another, and, apparently, from being written on a Mac and then translated on a Windows machine.

Early entries were almost all politically related, mostly my opposition to our invasion of Afghanistan and later, more stridently, to our invasion of Iraq. At different times it’s been referred to as a “War Blog,” a “Poetry Blog,” and more recently a “Photo Blog.”

I think of it as a personal diary I’m sharing with the world. If I want to know when something happened in my life, which happens more and more lately, I simply go back through my blog and it’s all there, including two operations for throat and prostate cancer. And an awful lot of good times.

Considering the longest I’ve ever managed to keep a personal diary was six months, I’m amazed this blog has lasted seven years. There’s been more than a few times when I’ve thought it was time to close it down, especially when friends dropped out. The only reason I haven’t is because of its amorphous content. My blog reflects what I like to do, whether that’s venting my political views, sharing my love of poetry, or sharing my love of Nature.

It’s not heavy, it’s my Life.

Hope you enjoy sharing it with me.

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