As much as I love “Birding,” it’s surprising how often unexpected events make the trip truly memorable. I did enjoy taking the shots of shorebirds that I went for, but even if I hadn’t gotten a single picture of a shorebird, I would have had a great time on my walks.

For instance, on my first stop at Bottle Beach, a Bald Eagle swooped over my head, so close that I could almost hear his wingbeats before I saw him. It didn’t result in any great pictures, but it still provided a major thrill of the day.

Eagle Flying Overhead

Later, on my way back to Bottle Beach from Tokeland, I saw this Red-Tailed Hawk sitting in a tree beside the road and managed to get the best shot I’ve ever gotten of one, perhaps the only shot not taken of one flying far above me.

Red-Tail Hawk

And the day ended with another surprise when I encountered this young buck, with several does just as I was finishing my walk at Bottle Beach.

Buck with Does

It’s surprising what Nature reveals to us once we open ourselves up to it.

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