Birding on a Sunny Day

Birding still isn’t great, but it’s far too sunny with winter coming on to stay inside on a sunny day, so I decided to combine a birding trip with my trip to pick up Skye’s medicine in Steilacoom.

The first thing I ran into is a small flock of Bewick Wrens that flitted from branch to branch in the deepest shade possible. Since I’ve never managed to get any kind of picture before, though, I was relatively satisfied with this one.

Male Bewick Wren

There were a few new ducks on the lake like these Green Teal,

Green-Wing Teal in Flight

more signs that the Fall migration is actually beginning, but there certainly weren’t any great shots to be had.

When I stopped by the Audubon Society, I managed to get a few good shots of these Bush Tits.

Male Bushtit

And when I stopped at Titlow I managed to get the best shot so far this summer of a Belted Kingfisher.

Belted Kingfisher On Branch

All in all, a great day, but it doesn’t take great birding to make a great day when it’s still this sunny at the end of September.