More Shots from Steilacoom

Monday’s trip to Steilacoom was a good one for photographs. As I noted earlier, I really enjoyed standing by the water watching dragonflies hover magically over the water, but I’ll have to admit that the highlight of the day was watching this osprey dive straight into the center of the lake and catch a catfish, then proceed to nearly directly over my head with its catch:

Osprey With Catfish

I keep getting better and better Osprey shots as the summer unfolds, without any apparent effort on my part. I would never have imagined that I would see an Osprey here; I certainly haven’t before.

This shot was taken at the Tacoma Audubon society on the way home. Although there were a lot of small birds skittering about, I never managed to get a decent shot of them. As I was leaving I glanced over at a bench under a tree and noticed this strange little guy waiting expectantly, though probably not for me:

Young Stellar Jay

I would really have liked to wait around until a parent returned, but I was worried that the parent might actually have stayed away because I was standing so near. To me, there’s something strangely appealing about this disheveled little guy.