Dragonflies and more

For awhile today at Steilacoom I almost felt I was a child again, sitting by the banks of Lake Washington fascinated by dragonflies and frogs, though I resisted wading hip deep in the water because I remembered how mad that made mother, and the water was really-really green looking.

Of course, I think in those days I thought all dragonflies were the same, and now that I’m older and much smarter I realize I don’t know what half of the dragonflies are.

But here’s my favorite, a Blue-Eyed Darner,

Blue-Eyed Darner

a Common Whitetail,

Common Whitetail

a Cardinal Meadowhawk,

Cardinal Meadowhawk

and this unidentified Damselfly

unidentified Damselfly

and here’s a big bullfrog that seemed irritated that I had interrupted his hunting. He’s just lucky that I wasn’t taking pictures with my childhood friend, because his family considered frog legs a great delicacy,


though I could never bring myself to taste them.