Today’s trip to Nisqually began with a shot of this Western Pondhawk,

Western Pondhawk

a real close-up of this little guy who seem as surprised to see me as I was to see him less than three feet from my shins, too close for my taste, and probably for his, too, as he backed up as soon as he realized I was there.


a shot of this female Common Whitetail,

Common Whitetail

a shot of this Cardinal Meadowhawk pair reproducing,

Cardinal Meadowhawk Pair

which was probably a good thing since the rest of the day’s shots were of rather large bullfrogs who seemed more interested in catching a meal than reproducing,


and lots of swallows who seemed preoccupied with feeding the kids who’ve just left the nest.

Swallow feeding Chick

It’s definitely summer at the refuge with more swallows, robins, and, starlings visible than any other birds, at least while I was there.