Brooks Memorial State Park

It’s a good thing I got some decent pictures on my two-day, mini-vacation because I’ve been doing yard work lately and there’s nothing worth talking about or photographing in that, though I’ll be pleased to have the yard looking a little better.

Right after I left Goldendale I saw Brooks Memorial State Park and decided to stop and see what there was to see. It turns out the park hosts an amazing variety of birds, especially during migration season. I didn’t have long, but I did enjoy a short walk through the woods where I was immediately greeted by four different Black-Tailed Deer, though I only managed to get a shot of these two.

Black-Tailed Deer

I only managed to see a Pine Siskin on my mini-hike. However, once I returned to the campground I was greeted by this Hairy Woodpecker:

Hairy Woodpecker

and a little while later I spotted this Red-Naped Sapsucker. Neither shot is as good as I would like, but since it’s the first time I’ve ever seen a Red-Napped Sapsucker,


listed as “uncommon” in Sibley’s guide, I’m glad just to have gotten a picture, especially since I’d come east looking for scenics, not birds.