Nisqually River Otter

It definitely seems like the summer doldrums of birding have hit Nisqually. Although there seems to be an increase of the number of Canada Geese, there seems to be “fewer” of everything else.

Although this may be my first photograph of what I think is a Savannah Sparrow,

Savannah Sparrow

and this is one of the few times I’ve ever managed to get any kind of picture of a Yellow Warbler,

Yellow Warbler

I had to look very hard to find any birds to photograph.

Luckily, looking harder than usual probably led me to get my first glimpse of the river otter this year. This adult river otter swam right under a bridge I was crossing.

River Otter swimming

I had to run pretty hard to get a shot of it emerging from the water on the far bank.

River Otter

As it did so, I heard some rather strange noises, which in retrospect must have been the greeting of family members who’d apparently been waiting for mom, or dad, to come home:

Otter Family

I got better birding pictures sitting in my yard today, but I’ve yet to spot an otter in the front yard, or get quite the same sense of elation at seeing a bird.