Snow Geese

Despite forecasts for showers and overcast skies, I decided Sunday that I had to head out for Fir Island our I would have no chance of seeing the large flocks of Alaskan Snow Geese that overwinter there.

It turned out to be one of those rare sunny Spring days, dominated by this panoramic view of Mt Baker and the Cascades:

Unfortunately, when I got to Fir Island this lone eagle and I were all that were left to wonder where the Snow Geese had gone:

As we drove through the countryside we could see flocks of the geese in distant fields, but like most birds they’d learned how to stay as far away as possible from passerbys and their prying cameras.

I did manage to get a picture of these two, but after looking closely at the misformed beak on the bird in the background, I wondered if it was a domestic goose, not a snow goose, even though the one in the foreground certainly looks like all the other Snow Geese I saw off in the distance:

Honestly, though, if I hadn’t seen a single bird, not the beautiful eagle sitting on the pole next to the highway, nor the kingfisher that dove past us as we hiked the beach, it would still have been a beautiful day.