Finding What You’re Looking For

A few weeks ago I noticed that despite the large number of Merganser ducks I’ve seen recently, I’d never seen a male Common Merganser, making me wonder just how common it can really be.

So, when I saw this guy at a distance Friday

I thought I was finally going to get the shot I’d been hoping for. Unfortunately, as elegant as he is, he is a male Red-Breasted Merganser, not a male Common Merganser.

Today, though, I managed to find my male Common Merganser

though he was across the river at Belfair and seemed unwilling to have his picture taken. As it turns out, I actually prefer this flying shot, one that shows his colors well.

Considering how often lately I’ve ended up getting a picture that I particularly wanted to get, perhaps I should set my sights just a touch higher.