Busy Day

It was a rather hectic day today as I had a doctor’s appointment in Portland with my throat doctor at OHSU.

I consider it much too far to drive not to see old friends while I’m there. I spent the morning walking the Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge with an old hiking buddy but had to turn back early in order to get to my doctor’s appointment on time. The highlight of the day was when Bill sighted these trumpeter swans in the distance:

Things went well at the doctors, and since this is the fifth anniversary of my cancer surgery, he pronounced me “cured.”

I returned to Vancouver for coffee and cookies with Klaras and Gary only to learn that a good friend from teaching has extensive lung cancer, particularly sad news in light of my own recent struggles.

That conversation was cut short, too, since I had to be back in Tacoma at 7 p.m. for my Tai Chi class, a class I can ill afford to miss considering how far I am behind after missing earlier classes to babysit grandkids.