Just Out of Reach

It was a beautiful day today here in the Great Pacific Northwest, a hint summer isn’t that far away. I had a great walk around the Nisqually Wildlife Refuge, spending the day with a fellow birder who happened to be a complete stranger.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great day for photographs. In fact, almost everything I wanted to shoot seemed temptingly out of reach. While it was nice to know that my favorite bird, the Belted Kingfisher, had returned, it would have been nicer if I had been able to get closer than this to get a decent photo.

I nearly got a great picture of this Northern Harrier as it swooped over my head, but ended up only being able to get this picture of it looking back at us to see if it had made an impression by buzzing us, it had.

The greatest non-shot of the day, though was the one of this fabled Snowy Owl, my first sighting of it. Of course, it was so far away I would have needed a $10,000 lens in order to get a decent picture of it, but, take my word for it, that white blob there on the log is, indeed, a Snowy Owl.

It was a rush to see the Snowy Owl at all, no matter how distant.

And, strangely, it’s comforting to know many things in my life still lie just out of reach.