Another Nice Day

It was too nice of a day to sit inside reading, so I headed out again for The Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. Unfortunately, birding didn’t match the spectacular weather as I didn’t see a single new species today. I first thought this was the first time I’d photographed a Green-Winged Teal but it turned out I’d already gotten a distant shot of one near Port Townsend.

I also got another picture of an American Bittern, a relatively rare bird I just can’t avoid running into lately:

I also got another picture of a Bald Eagle, though, they, too, are becoming as common as Great Blue Herons

My favorite shot of the day, though, was this vastly improved shot of a Male American Kestrel, possible because the lighting conditions were great today :

It’s supposed to rain most of the this week, though, so I should have time to read Rexroth’s books on Chinese and Japanese poetry.