3 thoughts on “Pt. Defiance Flowerfall”

  1. I have a wonderful memory from back in the early 80’s of taking the ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles then riding my motorcycle along hwy 101. Going through Olympic National Forest there was (at least at that time) a forest of wild Rhododendrons (Pacific Rhododendron – Rhododendron macrophyllum) – it was a marvelous sight.

  2. This is the national flower of Nepal(the himalayan country). My village is in the middle of the jungle like this kind of Rhododendron. Actually i like this very much. Becouse of this picture remind my past days that i spent in the middle of jungle .
    In Nepali this is known as “Lali Gurans”..
    At last thanks for this website and propritor of this web/
    thank u veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrry much

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