New Look

Hopefully you like the new look here at In a Dark Time, though I’m sure the look has much more to do with the second half of Roethke’s poem than the first half.

The layout, and Wordform itself, comes from Shelley Powers, aka Burningbird, but I had lots of input on the design of the site and the photographs all came from my ride home from Denver earlier this week. So, despite some trying times with my photographs, I did manage to get a few photos that I liked.

I still have quite a bit of fine tuning that I put off until I could convince Shelley to allow me to use her version of WordPress. I’m hoping that using her program slows down, or ends, the tremendous amount of spamming I got on my old site. I understand that those who haven’t commented before will not be posted directly until I’ve had a chance to look at the comment, but it was either that or get rid of comments entirely, and comments are one of the things that keep me writing here.

The Ones that Got Away

I’m back home and hard at work on my computer, though there are very limited results from most of my hard work so far.

I took many pictures while in Colorado, so I downloaded them to my iBook. Even though I’ve successfully done this before, it appears that all the pictures I downloaded, my favorites like those taken and the Garden of the Gods can’t be saved despite hours trying to do so. Most frustrating of all, there are great previews of all the photos.

Right now I’m going to start shifting my efforts to moving my web page over to Wordform so you might see some weird things going on here for awhile.

On Vacation

As I mentioned earlier, I’m off to Colorado tomorrow and will return late next Tuesday. I’ll be turning off comments before I leave, so if you want to contact me for some reason you’ll have to send me an email at loren at

I am taking my iBook with me so it’s possible I’ll do some posting, but don’t count on it. I really need a break from computers, and books, and …

I guess it depends on who’s working when and who’s sleeping or awake when I’m babysitting grandkids.

Don’t worry too much if strange things are happening here as Shelley Powers, aka Burningbird, will be moving my site over from Movable Type to Wordform while I’m gone.

If you don’t ever hear from me again, it either means I got lost in the Rockies and didn’t want to come back down or that I can’t figure out how to use the new software.

Update: Comments are now off.