In a Lael Moment

Things are about to change around here for the next twelve days as my daughter and her husband are taking a group of students to Spain, and Leslie and I are babysitting Gavin and Lael while they’re gone.

Even though they still have daycare for most days, we will have them much of the day and full time for at least six days. I’m looking forward to extra time with them, but am also aware that taking care of two young kids can be a handful, especially when Leslie is also taking care of two other grandkids on some of those days.

I guess I’d forgotten how quickly kids’ moods change, as evidenced by these two photos:

This one is obviously a throw-a-way,

but this one, taken exactly 16 seconds later is a keeper

I’m not sure this old body is quite up to those kind of lightning-fast changes any more. I guess we’ll find out. Blogging may suffer a little, however.