Up Close

You can probably tell that I’m enthralled with my new, spendy, close-up lens by now, but I find it fascinating to put it on the camera and go out and explore a whole new world.

Perhaps I’m merely indulging some childhood fantasies about becoming a biologist and spending my life studying plants. Perhaps I’m compensating for the fact that I never had access to one of those high-fangled electron microscopes that allow you to see the beauty at a microscopic level.

For whatever reason, I find being able to blow up a flower the size of my thumb into an 11 x 14 print enchanting, so I guess you’ll be seeing a few more of these for awhile, at least until I tire of my new toy.

Besides, I think it’s amazing how beautiful these plain-jane looking flowers are when examined closely, all the more remarkable when you consider how many of them there are.