I know a number of bloggers I read use Apple computers, so I thought I’d give a heads-up on a potential problem for those who use Techtools Pro, the program Apple includes with their extended warranty.

Since I had an unidentified squeak in my G5, I decided to run the program after checking to see whether there was a newer version available and being informed I had the latest version available, 3.03. Everything except the Volume Structure checked out fine. Since the program suggested I should fix the “problem,” I told it to go ahead and fix it.

Big mistake.

The System was shredded beyond repair. I had to use the Tiger disk to boot my computer, and, though I could then see the hard drive, nothing I owned could repair the system, though Techtool still said it was fine.

When I called Apple, they told me there were some known problems between Tiger (10.4) and Techtools Pro but their documents said that though Techtool would misdiagnose the problem, it wouldn’t hurt the drive to let Techtool try to fix it. I guess I was the exception. They told me I would have to erase the drive and start over.

To make a long story short, I’ve spent much of the last two days restoring the drive and redoing some things I did last month, like balance my checkbook.

I would have had much more fun walking through the woods, playing with Photoshop, or finishing reading Creeley’s poems.

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