Tomorrow’s Another Day

We had a little disappointment today in that Loren isn’t coming home. His blood was a little low, so they gave him 2 of his donated units back and they are still watching the drainage tubes. I guess there was more blood and clots coming through than they liked last night. The fluid was almost clear tonight, though, so maybe tomorrow will be the day! His surgeon is back on duty tomorrow, too. Let’s hope he is satisfied with Loren’s progress.

I spent a good part of my day cleaning up around here so that things will be nice when Loren gets home. I am feeling kind of groggy however. I just don’t seem to sleep well when he is gone. I find myself staying up very late – midnight or so – and then waking up at my regular time. I can’t explain it except that it is hard to go to bed for some reason. I guess I just need to get in bed and read. That usually puts me to sleep!

I am reading a really interesting book called “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi. Azar is a professor of literature who was studying in the US (Oklahoma of all places) when the Shah was deposed. She returned to Tehran as a supporter of the revolution and this book tells of her life there during the rise of the Islamic republic. It is quite fascinating the way she ties the literature her classes read to what is happening in her world. Needless to say, she becomes disenchanted quite quickly with the new order and their oppression of women and eventually returns to the United States. I highly recommend the book.

Loren said to say hello to all of you and to thank you for your support. Maybe he will be able to write his own thank you tomorrow! He really does look good and is walking quite a bit and eating well. It’s the darn internal stuff that is giving him problems – incisions, etc! I guess we just have to be patient and give it time.

3 thoughts on “Tomorrow’s Another Day”

  1. Hoping for better news and a steady recovery. It’s not surprising that there will be set-backs. I’m hoping that his progress will be steady and positive. What a blessing to have you to support in all of this

  2. I know we’re all looking forward to seeing Loren’s “own thank you” but, in the meantime, you’re doing a great job of keeping us informed as to Loren’s progress.

    And an equally fine job of filling in as guest-blogger. Yesterday, Shelley wrote: “Beware Leslie. You’re going to get hooked…” but today I’d say, “Too late, Leslie. You’re already hooked. Today’s post was terrific. When Loren comes home, he might find it difficult to get you away from the keyboard.”

    Please give him my warmest regards…

  3. I’ve only heard Azar Nafisi via a C-SPAN speech she was giving, but she was as interesting as your remarks indicate. Hope that Loren can get home soon.

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