Pure Chance

It used to bug me when I was playing Monopoly to land on Chance or Community Chest because it seemed totally unrealistic to suddenly receive $100 from the bank or some unknown benefactor. After yesterday, I may have to re-examine that perception.

A few months ago, I got a letter asking me if I would be willing to have one of my blog entries published in a collection. At first, I worried it was some kind of “con” and was hesitant to reply, but finally did so, saying I would be happy to be included.

Well, yesterday I received my check for $100 from Pearson, a part of Penguin, so I guess it wasn’t a con after all, and I can now officially claim to be a “writer,” though I still won’t claim to be a “poet.”

Realistically, of course, I’ll probably spend more than $100 purchasing copies of the book for grandchildren when it’s published, so my net gain will be a minus. It’s still nice to know that someone actually thinks something I’ve written is worth publishing. I’m assuming I’ll receive an email when the book is actually published, and I’ll pass that information on to prove I’m not hallucinating here.

Though I’ve considered adding ads to help defray the costs of keeping this site running, I never dreamed that someone would happen along and give me a $100 for doing what I love to do.