Loren Lives!

What a day! We got up at five, made it to the hospital by 6 and they wheeled Loren away at 7:15. At 12:15 the doctor came into the waiting room all smiles saying, “Good news!” Apparently everything came out easily and the lymph glands tested negative so the cancer has not spread. Whew!

I said to Loren when I saw him that it is a wonderful thing these doctors love what they do. I was reminded of his throat surgeon who said, “I love doing this operation!” Thank God! The rest of us get queasy and frightened, but they really enjoy their work!

Loren was in his room by 1:15pm alert and making wisecracks. The nurse told him he would be back in a few minutes to take his vital signs and Loren said, “I’ve got some of those.” He was feeling a little nauseous so the nurse gave him something in his IV. Next thing I knew he fell sound asleep so I left him for a few hours and went to work.

When I returned at 5pm his bed was raised and he had been drinking but he was asleep again. He woke up and had a little dinner but kept nodding off. Finally he woke up long enough to tell me to go home. He is exhausted and sore, but looks good all the same. And he is already demanding I bring him his IPod so he can listen to his music. I think he will be just fine. Thank you all for your concern and best wishes. I’ll keep you updated.