Home at Last, Home at Last

Despite my temporary setbacks I did get to come home today. I’m certainly a long well from “well,” whatever that might mean, but it felt great to cross the doorstep today.

I can look forward to up to six weeks of recovery, but I think by far the worst part will be done within three weeks.

Unfortunately, the only thing I do real well is stand, so blogging might be a little sparse for awhile, though I did manage to read a book or two at the hospital.

Updated: I corrected seem really silly grammatical errors. Apparently I was more under the weather than I really knew when I tried to write this.

12 thoughts on “Home at Last, Home at Last”

  1. Welcome home, Loren! Good to hear you’re home and on the home stretch in your mending.

    Definitely, take care of yourself. Steady and sure, sleep lots, and focus on enjoyable reading.

    I will say we’ve been enjoying your ‘pinch hitter’, Leslie’s, posts. But still good to see you writing again.

  2. Your wife DID do a good job while you were gone. I guess now you could glue the keyboard to the wall to accomodate your standing position. I sometimes stand at one of the library computer’s keyboard, though, and it’s rather tiring, so I don’t know if that’s such a worthy idea, after all. I hope you get well and comfortable soon so you don’t have to think up special accomodations for yourself.

  3. Welcome home, Loren … and all the best to you for the next few weeks of the recovery. Leslie did a great job of keeping us all informed–maybe she can start her own blog now!

  4. Loren–Get well soon. Also, recall that Thomas Wolfe (the North Carolina Thomas Wolfe) wrote while standing. Being a big guy, he used the top of his refrigerator at a writing surface. You might not want to go quite that far. Yes, we did appreciate your “pinch hitter’s” reports while you were in the hospital.

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