Lookin’ Good

Thank you all for your good wishes. Just think, my little entry generated more comments than any of Loren’s!

Loren is up and walking around at intervals during the day. He said he did 5 laps this morning. His color is good and he is eating and drinking more easily. The next goal is making a poop! I’ll be sure to keep you posted. When the big deal these days is the confidentiality of patients’ information it seems somewhat ironic that the hospital is the place where we lose any prudishness or inhibitions as they poke an prod in our most private places. And talking about bodily functions becomes mundane.

Reading Loren’s blogs over the past years has made me realize how easily we misunderstand each other. I have found things out about him I didn’t know and found out things he thinks about me that aren’t correct. For example, I will not take the dog to the pound! I may try to find a better family for him but I won’t abandon him. The reality is that this dog needs a lot of attention that I would not be able to give him as I work all day. I wish I were retired and could take him for walks every day, but unless I win the lottery, that is just not in my cards. And with Bush determined to tinker with Social Security, I may be working until the day I die!

The other thing I have discovered in the past two days is how hard it is to put ones thoughts on paper in an interesting and succinct manner. No wonder Loren spends hours at the computer! And my respect for his writing is growing quickly. So, you will just have to put up with my un-edited wanderings as I don’t have the time or energy to make it wonderful!

I am off this afternoon to Gavin’s 5th birthday party. My daughter and her family, including 3 year old Kel, will also be there. Kel had his hand operated on Friday morning and now has a large blue cast which he hates. He told me yesterday afternoon that the doctor said Grandma Leslie could take it off! What an operator! Anyway, I spent 3 hours this morning going from the mall to Best Buy to Music Warhouse attempting to find the cd I heard on NPR called “Beethovan’s Wig”. It is an album of silly words set to classical music in an attempt to encourage children’s interest in the works of the Masters. I sure hope Gavin likes it because I hate shopping!

After the party I will visit Loren again. The best news will be that he can come home tomorrow. They are watching his catheter, however, because yesterday it got a clot in it and the doctor had to take it out and insert a new one. Yikes! That couldn’t have been any fun. So, pray for poop and no clots!

Thanks for listening (reading?)….. Leslie

5 thoughts on “Lookin’ Good”

  1. Beware Leslie. You’re going to get hooked…

    Seriously, I’ve enjoyed your two posts and hope we can lur…urh…encourage you into starting a blog.

    In the meantime, I’m sitting here sending Loren positive thoughts, in hopes that he’s poopin’ like a mad dog on beans. Please tell him hi, and that the trail is calling.

  2. I am sitting here, concentrating on sending Loren the strongest possible Clear Poopage signals, but he’d better hurry up and snag some of those signals–I am myself starting to loosen up!

  3. I don’t know how strict they are where Loren’s at, but when I gave a kidney to my brother, they settled for a fart.

    Glad to hear everything went well.

    And you’re doing fine on the writing!

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