Home at Last, Home at Last

Despite my temporary setbacks I did get to come home today. I’m certainly a long well from “well,” whatever that might mean, but it felt great to cross the doorstep today.

I can look forward to up to six weeks of recovery, but I think by far the worst part will be done within three weeks.

Unfortunately, the only thing I do real well is stand, so blogging might be a little sparse for awhile, though I did manage to read a book or two at the hospital.

Updated: I corrected seem really silly grammatical errors. Apparently I was more under the weather than I really knew when I tried to write this.

Tomorrow’s Another Day

We had a little disappointment today in that Loren isn’t coming home. His blood was a little low, so they gave him 2 of his donated units back and they are still watching the drainage tubes. I guess there was more blood and clots coming through than they liked last night. The fluid was almost clear tonight, though, so maybe tomorrow will be the day! His surgeon is back on duty tomorrow, too. Let’s hope he is satisfied with Loren’s progress.

I spent a good part of my day cleaning up around here so that things will be nice when Loren gets home. I am feeling kind of groggy however. I just don’t seem to sleep well when he is gone. I find myself staying up very late – midnight or so – and then waking up at my regular time. I can’t explain it except that it is hard to go to bed for some reason. I guess I just need to get in bed and read. That usually puts me to sleep!

I am reading a really interesting book called “Reading Lolita in Tehran” by Azar Nafisi. Azar is a professor of literature who was studying in the US (Oklahoma of all places) when the Shah was deposed. She returned to Tehran as a supporter of the revolution and this book tells of her life there during the rise of the Islamic republic. It is quite fascinating the way she ties the literature her classes read to what is happening in her world. Needless to say, she becomes disenchanted quite quickly with the new order and their oppression of women and eventually returns to the United States. I highly recommend the book.

Loren said to say hello to all of you and to thank you for your support. Maybe he will be able to write his own thank you tomorrow! He really does look good and is walking quite a bit and eating well. It’s the darn internal stuff that is giving him problems – incisions, etc! I guess we just have to be patient and give it time.

Lookin’ Good

Thank you all for your good wishes. Just think, my little entry generated more comments than any of Loren’s!

Loren is up and walking around at intervals during the day. He said he did 5 laps this morning. His color is good and he is eating and drinking more easily. The next goal is making a poop! I’ll be sure to keep you posted. When the big deal these days is the confidentiality of patients’ information it seems somewhat ironic that the hospital is the place where we lose any prudishness or inhibitions as they poke an prod in our most private places. And talking about bodily functions becomes mundane.

Reading Loren’s blogs over the past years has made me realize how easily we misunderstand each other. I have found things out about him I didn’t know and found out things he thinks about me that aren’t correct. For example, I will not take the dog to the pound! I may try to find a better family for him but I won’t abandon him. The reality is that this dog needs a lot of attention that I would not be able to give him as I work all day. I wish I were retired and could take him for walks every day, but unless I win the lottery, that is just not in my cards. And with Bush determined to tinker with Social Security, I may be working until the day I die!

The other thing I have discovered in the past two days is how hard it is to put ones thoughts on paper in an interesting and succinct manner. No wonder Loren spends hours at the computer! And my respect for his writing is growing quickly. So, you will just have to put up with my un-edited wanderings as I don’t have the time or energy to make it wonderful!

I am off this afternoon to Gavin’s 5th birthday party. My daughter and her family, including 3 year old Kel, will also be there. Kel had his hand operated on Friday morning and now has a large blue cast which he hates. He told me yesterday afternoon that the doctor said Grandma Leslie could take it off! What an operator! Anyway, I spent 3 hours this morning going from the mall to Best Buy to Music Warhouse attempting to find the cd I heard on NPR called “Beethovan’s Wig”. It is an album of silly words set to classical music in an attempt to encourage children’s interest in the works of the Masters. I sure hope Gavin likes it because I hate shopping!

After the party I will visit Loren again. The best news will be that he can come home tomorrow. They are watching his catheter, however, because yesterday it got a clot in it and the doctor had to take it out and insert a new one. Yikes! That couldn’t have been any fun. So, pray for poop and no clots!

Thanks for listening (reading?)….. Leslie

Loren Lives!

What a day! We got up at five, made it to the hospital by 6 and they wheeled Loren away at 7:15. At 12:15 the doctor came into the waiting room all smiles saying, “Good news!” Apparently everything came out easily and the lymph glands tested negative so the cancer has not spread. Whew!

I said to Loren when I saw him that it is a wonderful thing these doctors love what they do. I was reminded of his throat surgeon who said, “I love doing this operation!” Thank God! The rest of us get queasy and frightened, but they really enjoy their work!

Loren was in his room by 1:15pm alert and making wisecracks. The nurse told him he would be back in a few minutes to take his vital signs and Loren said, “I’ve got some of those.” He was feeling a little nauseous so the nurse gave him something in his IV. Next thing I knew he fell sound asleep so I left him for a few hours and went to work.

When I returned at 5pm his bed was raised and he had been drinking but he was asleep again. He woke up and had a little dinner but kept nodding off. Finally he woke up long enough to tell me to go home. He is exhausted and sore, but looks good all the same. And he is already demanding I bring him his IPod so he can listen to his music. I think he will be just fine. Thank you all for your concern and best wishes. I’ll keep you updated.