Hogwart Express Finally Completed

Those who’ve read this blog for a while may remember that my birthday present this January was the Lego Harry Potter train shown above. Motivated by Gavin’s visit, I assembled the locomotive, while Gavin’s daddy, also known as Rich, assembled the passenger car and the station.

Amazingly enough, despite repeated help from three-year-old Gavin while his parents were out shopping with Nana, I managed to follow the meticulous plans and assemble the entire engine without a single fatal mistake. Dawn tells me that I may now be ready to take up a career in model builiding.

I suspect that the patience I showed while building this engine may serve me in good stead while helping tax clients this week as the clientele slowly but surely shifts from those who know they are getting refunds to those who simply want to find out how much they owe.

3 thoughts on “Hogwart Express Finally Completed”

  1. Patience, huh? I heard some swear words during the assembly. Don’t they disapprove of that at H& R Block?

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