This Ain’t No Stinking War Blog

A vistor to this site today labeled this site an “anti-war” blog.

Because it was an off-hand remark in a comment that contained a link to an article I found quite interesting, as a well as leading to a site I’ll probably be following in the near future, I didn’t think about that term too much at first.

However, the more I thought about it, the less I liked the term. This ain’t no stinking war-blog, that’s for sure, but neither do I consider myself an anti-war blog.

If I had to put any label on this site, I would probably refer to it as a “poetry blog” because my favorite entries, and the great majority of them, focus on various poets. Because of my bias, I suppose you could also call it a “liberal” blog or even an “environmental blog” because I’ve written more articles in that vein than I have about the war with Iraq.

I originally considered calling this blog “Don’t Fence Me In” because I don’t like to be labeled. Ocassionaly in jest I will call myself a “liberal,” as an act of defiance, particularly when conservatives were using it like a liberal was a pariah. Like most people, though, I hate to be labeled.

Actually, I’m probably socially conservative being quite traditional in my personal life, but I’m politically liberal because I believe in a government that helps the poor and disadvantaged to lift themselves up.

I’m afraid, though, that it says something about our divisive times when expressing unpopular views about a vital issue of the day gets you immediately labeled.

Hopefully with the first rush of the tax season coming to an end, I will find more time to read poems and comment on them. Until then, I’m afraid I will continue to stall by expressing my opinion on various issues that interest me but don’t require a single focus, but that still doesn’t make me an anti-war blog.