Another Excuse for Not Writing

As if I didn’t have enough excuses for not keeping up with my own blog entries, while checking through my referrer log today I found two new links, one from a site that I’ve been admiring off and on for awhile now, and another from a blog I’d never read before.

The first of these is Sainteros, a blog I’ve read several times while following links from other blogs I’ve linked to. I must admit that he has been on my long list of blogs in URL Manager Pro for quite awhile, a list that I certainly can’t manage to read daily or anywhere near daily, but I haven’t added him to my list of links until today. I’m proud to have been added to his links.

Later I discovered Arete had added me to her links. I must admit that I usually read someone for weeks before adding them to my links. After all, I read all the blogs on my links nearly every day, and I don’t have an infinite amount of time. However, upon discovering that Krista had referred to Donald Murray, my favorite author on the art of writing, in her entry entitled bloggery, I am led to believe that she must be a soul mate and should be added immediately to my links.