The Austalian Connection

Though I can’t be sure, I suspect Jonathon’s many links to my site and the number of comments I make on his blog must have led to some Australian bloggers looking over my site and linking to some of my environmental entries. (See, I told you I see myself as an environmental blog, not an anti-war blog.)

The first of these sites was a heap of junk for code when he linked to me Thursday February 20th. Amazingly, Gary’s other blogs, found in the right margin, include “” and “public opinion.” Though I’d never visited “a heap of junk for code” before, I’d actually visited and marked it as a site I’d like to revisit when my brain isn’t quite so drained by 9 hours of preparing taxes at my computer. I’m amazed at the sheer volume of writing on his sites.

Boynton , another Australian blog, picked up the link from ” a heap of junk for code” and linked to one of my essays on Thoreau and nature.

I must admit I’m constantly amazed at how blogs can cross international lines so easily. I sometimes think I link to more sites outside of America than inside the country. That’s amazing for someone like me who has only visited Canada outside of America. In fact, it might just inspire me to actually travel overseas.

If I ever start getting links from Arab or Chinese sites, I would truly believe that the blogging community one day might make this “a small world, after all.”