The Less I Write…

I wonder if it says something about my writing that the less I write the more readers I seem to attract.

I’ve hit record numbers in the last few weeks, over 7000 visitors in January, and the first time I’ve had over 300 hits in a day, not to mention over 1,800 visitors in a single week.

Maybe if I quit writing entirely for the next few weeks I could double my readership.

Of course, looking at some of the recent searches makes me wonder exactly who is reading this page, and how many readers find their way here purely accidentally.

One suspects that high school teachers and college professors are going to have to do a better job of helping students to learn how to effectively search. I wonder if students even know how to use quotes, rather than +’s to narrow their search down.

It sometimes seems that the only ones who know how to do that are the programs that are looking for plagiarism, and some of them even seem unable to distinguish the quoting of an author’s passage from directly borrowing another writer’s ideas.

I sometimes expect that the sheer number of words in my site makes it more likely to receive hits. Given enough random words, you can find any combination of words can’t you? Does Google examine the quality of the writing, or does it just look for random combination of words?