So that’s Why They Invented TV

After working from 8:30 to 5:30 with a quick ten-minute lunch break for the second day in a row, I suddenly remember why they invented television.

After staring at a computer screen and entering names and numbers into tax forms for nine hours straight, I find it almost painful to sit in front of the computer at home and try to think clearly enough to write something meaningful here.

When you simply want to veg, there’s not much better than a meaningless television program. Re-runs of “The 70’s Show” are precisely what’s needed to pass the time until I can respectably crawl into bed in order to get ready for another day tomorrow. Now I know why Leslie finds it easier to fall asleep in front of the television than to go to bed.

Looking from this perspective, it’s no wonder that I still have poetry books that I bought ten years ago sitting on the shelf waiting to be read. It takes far more effort and far more concentration to read a book of poetry than I’m able to muster up after a day like this.

Luckily the February tax rush is nearly over as most of those who know they are getting a refund have probably already gotten their taxes done. We’re completely booked this week, but things will probably start slowing down for awhile until the end of March when all those who owe money will decided that can wait no longer.

On the positive side, at least I’m too tired to follow the Bush adminstrations attempts to justify our upcoming invasion of Iraq. Perhaps the whole war will be over with before tax season ends and I will never be fully aware of it, which is probably for the best since at my age it’s not wise to live constantly with anger and frustration.

The best part of this job, though, is that it will only last for a limited time, and when it ends I will once again appreciate early retirement as much as it should be appreciated. Unfortunately, when things are going well it’s far too easy to take that for granted and forget what it took to get there.