Another Excuse for Not Writing

As if I didn’t have enough excuses for not keeping up with my own blog entries, while checking through my referrer log today I found two new links, one from a site that I’ve been admiring off and on for awhile now, and another from a blog I’d never read before.

The first of these is Sainteros, a blog I’ve read several times while following links from other blogs I’ve linked to. I must admit that he has been on my long list of blogs in URL Manager Pro for quite awhile, a list that I certainly can’t manage to read daily or anywhere near daily, but I haven’t added him to my list of links until today. I’m proud to have been added to his links.

Later I discovered Arete had added me to her links. I must admit that I usually read someone for weeks before adding them to my links. After all, I read all the blogs on my links nearly every day, and I don’t have an infinite amount of time. However, upon discovering that Krista had referred to Donald Murray, my favorite author on the art of writing, in her entry entitled bloggery, I am led to believe that she must be a soul mate and should be added immediately to my links.

3 thoughts on “Another Excuse for Not Writing”

  1. Dear LW: I’m very honored by the mention above, and I was quite excited to come across your blog. We seem to have some similar reading interests, including Edward Abbey whom I’m reading currently. However, I’ve just seen that the link you listed for me actually goes to my old Blogger address. The correct address for current content is:

    Again, thanks! I’m looking forward to

  2. Actually I corrected it last night after installing but for some reason the server wouldn’t let me reconnect.

    It should be correct now.

  3. Thanks, Loren! Like Sainteros, I’ve been frequenting your blog due to our similar reading interests – especially the bits you’ve done on Ferlinghetti and Kundera. So much out there to read, and always so little time…


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