Busy Weekend and Monday Looks Even Busier

I’m having trouble reading my usual amount of poetry because life keeps getting in the way.

I spent this weekend in Tacoma attending Gavin’s third birthday party. I failed to get any digital photos, though because I taped most of the party with my Canon digital camera. iMovie has made it so easy to edit home movies that I’ve once again been inspired to start taking home movies. It’s hard to run two cameras at once, so I limited myself to the digital movie camera.

Leslie and I spent most of Sunday at her daughter’s house, where she helped her daughter to make a quilt. Unfortunately I had forgotten to pack my poetry book as intended, so I didn’t get a chance to finish Bei Dao’s poems this weekend as I had intended.

Monday I’ll probably end up working ten hours or more since people who know they have refunds coming will swamp the office for the next few weeks. While that makes it difficult to keep up my web page, it’s really a good thing because I get paid by commission, and I need to make as much money as possible if I’m going to take the trip I’m planning to Scotland.

We really haven’t decided what trip to take, but we’re seriously looking at an REI trip .

After I got throat cancer last year, I decided it was time to do those things that I most wanted to do before it was too late. I’ve done some of them already, but I’ve always wanted to take a trip to northern Scotland, and this looks as good as any other trip I’ve seen.

2 thoughts on “Busy Weekend and Monday Looks Even Busier”

  1. Miss your writing when you’re busy, but I would look forward to hearing Burns from you when you get back from Scotland.

    I envy you this trip. Worth the work now.

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