34 million friends of women

In the midst of my painting the family/computer room, Leslie dropped an editorial on my desk and said, “Put this on your web site.”

My first response was that if I had time to put something on my website I would write up the article I’ve been working on about MacLeish, some poems I’ve really gotten into and am not willing to just skim over them.

Still, after I read Ellen Goodman’s editorial on how two women started a campaign to raise money for the UNFPA after George Bush killed America’s contribution of 34 million dollars because the UNFPA included advice on abortion I ageed that it’s a vital cause, and the editorial is well worth a read.

Remarkably enough, it looks like they may make it yet if a few more people get involved.

3 thoughts on “34 million friends of women”

  1. This might be harsh sounding, but I’m actually a little disappointed at the success of this effort.

    The money is needed and will go to help where needed, but the administration will look at this private effort and use this as an excuse to cut funds, again and again, except for things big corp or oil or war. If all those women had sent in money AND sent a letter to President Bush and said, “I won’t vote for you in the next election because…” I would have been happer.

    But that’s selfish — anything to help the women is important. If I had the dollar I would donate it.

    But I keep thinking about if the fund had this donated money AND the money we had promised, what we could accomplish.

    Glass half full. Glass half full. Must look at the full.

    Loren, have a wonderful holiday, and a lovely time with your family. Looking forward to the poems after the holidays.

  2. Thanks for bringing this to our attention Loren. I have posted an entry on it on my blog as well because I think this needs attention and I also would like to see this go International.

    Shellwy – I contributed your dollar for you 🙂

    Wishing you all a very merry Yule season.

  3. I agree with you that this will do little to solve the problem with our government only supporting UN activities we agree with, Shelley, but I still think this one is important enough to support, and perhaps it will send a message to Bush and the conservatives.

    Unfortunately , there are more deserving charities than I can ever give to. This year when unemployment is so high in the Pacific Northwest, I’ve given more money than usual to The Salvation Army.

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