A Hectic Christmas Season

I have to apologize for being somewhat remiss in my postings lately.

Unfortunately, as Christmas nears my list of chores seems to be getting longer, rather than shorter. We’re expecting seven over-nighters Christmas night and more people Christmas day. Needless to say, Leslie wants the place looking better than it really does.

Today I finished hanging the new curtains that arrived via Airborne Expess this morning and painted 60 feet of trim for the family room that will be repainted this weekend.

I also took time to finish another batch of cookies – that makes 5 different kinds made so far with another two or three batches still to go, plus peanut brittle, chocolate covered almonds, etc.

I also finished making two hand-made Christmas cards last night and this morning, though I’d hoped to have several more done by now.

I have to have the snow tires put on the RAV4 tomorrow. I imagine that will give me some time to read more Archibald MacLeish and get another post up tomorrow. At least I hope so. If I wasn’t having so much fun, I’d be really, really tired.