Merry Christmas

Despite all the turmoil, as usual everything got done just in time .

I even had time to finish my famous Santa Claus cookies, nearly a 60 year family tradition now. One of my earliest Christmas memories is of biting the head of a Santa Claus cookie and breaking out in tears because I thought I had destroyed Santa.

I started making decorated cookies longer ago than I can remember. Of course, at first I was only allowed to decorate trees. Later, though, after I had mastered the art of both green and white trees, I was allowed to decorate Santa Clauses.

With the exception of the year I was in Vietnam (somehow it didn’t seem appropriate for a heavy mortar platoon leader to be making Santa Claus cookies), I’ve never missed a year, including last year when I couldn’t eat a single, damn cookie.

Strangely enough when I was little the cookies just seemed like nothing more than a prelude to the gifts, but now they’ve become more important than the presents.

Hopefully in a year or so I’ll be able to get Gavin started making Christmas trees .

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas”

  1. Loren, any chance you could take that picture back into Photoshop and add captions? For those of use whose experience of eating “cookies” is limited to Tim Tams and aren’t familiar with the varieties you’ve baked. They sure look impressive… and tasty too!

  2. Please talk more about your wonderful cookies and give us recipes. This request comes from everyone in the household! We tried making decorated sugar cookies on Christmas Eve. Instead of Santa, we wound up with a strange, evil-looking critter with beady little currant eyes. Finally we gave a group shrug and named it “Satan Claus.” Now we need you to bite the head off because no one here will eat it. Happy New Year!!!

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