Some Obligatory Photos

Geysers and Yellowstone go together. Looking back on a previous blog post, I noticed that I had already posted a shot that looked like this. For me, this is an iconic Yellowstone shot


because it includes the two most memorable sights, Buffalo and steam vents.

You can’t go to Yellowstone without seeing — and photographing — the geysers, springs, and mud pots,


even when you know they’re not going to turn out. And this visit was worse than normal because it was turning cold and the steam was even worse than usual, making it nearly impossible to focus on the vents.

Of course, that didn’t prevent us from stopping at all the usual tourist spots,


especially since Leslie had never seen them. Heck, she even convinced me that we needed to stop at Old Faithful,


something I’d avoided doing on previous visits because of the huge crowds.

So there you have them, the obligatory shots I can now delete from my hard drive.

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