Port Orchard Marina

Although I still eat lunch in Port Orchard after birding Theler Wetlands because I love Chiles Rellenos, I haven’t birded there the last two months because birds are few and far between.

When I glanced out at the marina after lunch this time, I decided it might be worth walking out to the end of the marina. There still weren’t many birds, but there were some hopeful signs.

There were several Pelagic Cormorants


out fishing.

There were even some Surf Scoters


eating shellfish off the marina poles, but they moved way out as we came closer.

This Horned Grebe was much more


accommodating, though, as it seemed totally indifferent to my existence.


I’ll delete all these shots, but it was nice to see that the birds that overwinter on the Puget Sound are starting to return.