Yelllowstone’s Bison

I was excited when I spotted the first Buffalo on our trip to Yellowstone


because they recalled visions of the Old West.

However, it was hard to keep up that enthusiasm later after waiting for several herds to clear the road.


I kept hoping for the chance to get a shot like the one posted all over the park warning that bison were dangerous animals who could easily throw a man into the air before tramping on him, but apparently these bison were preoccupied with fattening up before winter arrived.

I had to settle for shots of a yearling dragging himself up onto the bank.


Basically, the bison seemed content to eat a lot of grass and settle down for a nap and had little desire to strike a pose for tourists.


I missed my best chance to get a great shot of bison on the morning we left the park. Three buffalo covered in ice from the earlier 16˚ temperatures were slowly trudging up the middle of the road through a heavily forested area. Unfortunately, I was too busy dodging sliding cars coming from the other direction to reach my camera in the back seat and decided it would be wise to get past them as quickly as possible.