Where in the World

has Loren been the last three weeks?

Certainly not at home, or he would have at least posted once or twice. Nope. He and Leslie were on the road, far, far away from the internet and political races, but, unfortunately, home just in time to hear the abominable decision in the Malheur case. Much of the time there wasn’t phone service, much less internet.

We began our three-week vacation here,


a place I’ve never seen before,


though it’s probably indistinguishable from a thousand different beautiful places we passed through until we arrived at this distinctive pillar,


at the base of Yellowstone’s famous Mammoth Hot Springs.


This young male Elk seemed more interested in keeping an eye on a much bigger buck and his harem than he did eating, though this young female seemed more practical.


Impossible as it is to capture the beauty of the hot springs, I tried to capture different aspects of its beauty from below,


from straight on,


and from directly above.


I think I could have spent days photographing the patterns here, perhaps the most beautiful I’ve observed in previous visits to Yellowstone.

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