And One More Thing

Birding seems to be picking up at Theler Wetlands; before long the hunters will be out firing away the whole time I’m there. Still, I was pleased to see almost as many Green-Winged Teals as I did in the Spring.


I was a little surprised to see a large flock of American Goldfinch


since I didn’t see any there the last time we were there.

We also spotted a large flock of Cedar Waxwings


that seemed determined not to have their picture taken by staying in the top of the tallest trees.

This Bald Eagle,


however, flew by several times at eye level, though it seemed more interested in a dead salmon than it did in us.

The high point of the morning, though, came relatively early when I finally managed to get a shot of this mink


that I’ve glanced on several occasions but never managed to get a shot of before. It was so close I had a hard time getting my telephoto lens to focus on it. I still get thrilled when I get this close to a wild animal.