Hiking Sawtooth Mountain

Wednesday’s hike to Sawtooth Mountain in Indian Heaven was quite different from Monday’s hike to Junction Lake. Not only was it 6 miles shorter, it was much more heavily forested than we remembered it when we hiked it 10 or 12 years ago. Although there were some huckleberries, there weren’t nearly as colorful as Monday’s.

Part of that was probably the result of a heavier cloud cover than on Monday. The clouds also affected distant scenics like this one of Mt Rainier to the north,


though I actually liked the softening effect.

The clouds weren’t nearly as heavy in the east. I liked this shot of Mt. Adams framed by the fir trees.


Mt. St. Helens is actually much closer than the other two to Indian Heaven, but it was so hazy on the West side that my Canon SX60HS had trouble focusing on it.


It seemed badly in need of a new coat of snow.

Without the overwhelming huckleberries, I ended up focusing on the occasional lupine


and plentiful mushrooms that seemed to thrive in the Old Growth forest.


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