Our Front Garden

Too often I’m in such a rush to get somewhere more exotic that I fail to appreciate what’s in my yard. Occasionally, though, commitments keep me close at home, and I actually have time to enjoy my yard, something I’m far less apt to do while home maintaining it.

This four-inch stalk in the pot on the front deck


contrasts magically with the 4-foot-high foxglove “weed” that magically appears in various flowerbeds, far too pretty to pull.


This bright, recently bought Columbine fits in nicely


with the “native” volunteers that line our front walk


and are obviously too important to the bumblebees and hummingbirds to cut back until the flowers are gone.

Besides, the white and pink blossoms blend beautifully with our pink and white Rhododendron that rivals any found in the nearby Pt. Defiance Rhododendron Garden.


4 thoughts on “Our Front Garden”

    1. I don’t consider them weeds, either, dominic, but we don’t plant them; they just appear. They line the roads and empty fields around here; and I’ve never seen them for sale in nurseries.

      P.S. I didn’t recognize the name. Where does the “sackerson” come from? Is that your last name?

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