The Omnipresent Crow

No matter what draws you to Seabeck, if you stay long enough and observe closely enough, you can’t help but see that this is a complex environment with many actors. One of those is the omnipresent crow.

Crow with Sculpin

A truism in the Pacific Northwest is that where you find food, especially easy food, you will find crows. They seem omnipresent, and Seabeck is certainly no exception.

Another truism is that crows will protect their territory from all kinds of predators, trying to harass them into leaving. There were lots of signs of that at Seabeck. This immature Bald Eagle just had to fly by the dock and a crow joined him in flight, protesting loudly the whole way.

Crow chasing Bald Eagle

So, it was a little surprising to see this mature Bald Eagle, who didn’t seem awfully tolerant of all the uninvited guests at the banquet.

Bald Eagle surrounded by Crows

Overall, though, they seemed to get along remarkably well, and I’m not sure why, though I suspect it has something to do with the plentiful supply of food.

You might think that if crows could get along with Bald Eagles then they could get along with each other, but you would be wrong.

Crows fighting  over a fish

It must say something about human nature that even when individuals have everything they could every want they will find some reason to fight with each other.