Seabeck’s Great Blue Herons

One of the problems of a really good photo-shoot is that there are so many good shots to choose from that it’s hard to decide which shots to use and which to simply set aside. Realizing it’s unlikely any of my readers will be as enamored of the shots I’ve taken as I am, I don’t want to bore viewers, but neither do I want to miss the chance of showing shots that they’ll like too.

To complicate matters, when I get shots that I really like, I often want to play around with them, to see them in new ways (especially since I’ve acquired Perfect Photo Suite 8). This sequence of shots I took of a Great Blue Heron gliding just above the water was definitely my favorite sequence of the three days I spent there. Here are three shots from that sequence (click on any of them to make them larger). The first is a “realistic” shot straight out of the camera.


Here’s a second shot from the same sequence that merely replaces the plain blue of the water with a pattern that, for me, at least, actually makes the heron stand out more.


I played around with this final shot more than the others and thought about creating a heron collage by adding other poses, but somehow the simplicity of the shot reminded me of some of my favorite Chinese and Japanese drawings, so I left it as is (at least for the moment).