What I Do When I have Writer’s Block

I keep thinking there’s something important I want/need to say, but I’ll be damned if I can actually put it into words. I’ve been busy reading, having recently finished five books without commenting on a single one of them, and they’re all great books, well-worth discussing. I’m sure I’ll eventually come up with something to say; until then I’ll just have to let my camera do my talking for me. After all, when I get tired of thinking there’s nothing I love more than a walk to clear my head.

I’m even up to walking through Point Defiance Rose Garden despite having spent two hours earlier in the morning working out of the gym. I took advantage of a short break last week’s drizzle and rain to get away from my computer to check out the flowers.

Although the roses as a whole seem past their prime, the rose garden is still quite beautiful and the late roses are constantly putting out new buds.

yellow rose

Luckily, the dahlias have just reached their prime, and are ready to take front stage. Many of the latest dahlias are huge, but I still prefer the Collarettes classification of dahlia,

Collarettes Dahlia

though it’s hard to say which of these two varieties I prefer.

Collarettes dahlia

I’m not sure if I’ve ever noticed this style of dahlia before, but I think it must be classified as a “waterlily” variety,

waterlily style dahlia

but it reminded me of a lotus when I first saw it.

9 thoughts on “What I Do When I have Writer’s Block”

  1. Well, your camera does a good job of talking. But your writing is just as colorful and interesting.

    I’ve had the worst writer’s block this year. Even now, it’s painful to write to my web sites, and my book is badly behind schedule. I can’t help thinking it just doesn’t matter what I write, because I don’t know how to attract any attention.

    I have to keep telling myself, all that matters is my enjoyment in writing. Maybe what I need to do is blow the dust off my camera.

    1. I’ve never drawn the readers you have, Shelley, probably because I’ve never been very controversial, unless Leftist Liberals are controversial nowadays.

      However, I miss the dialogue we used to draw as bloggers; it always helped to have another blogger you admired come criticize or cheer on your ideas. Where’s Jonathon when you need him?u

      Facebook just ain’t the same; and I only use that as a way of blowing off anger at the political system we’ve saddled ourselves with.

      1. Yes, it does seem quiet. Disconnected, too.

        I think Jonathon wanted to do other things.

        Facebook has been a decent way of keeping up with most folks.

        I’m just glad folks like you still write at your sites. And post beautiful photos, of course.

  2. Sometimes, I’ve found, writer’s block is something you just have to write yourself out of. The ideas, the flow, often come as you write. It’s all to do with the process, easy or difficult as it may be, not thinking about things beforehand. However, you know all this.

    Stunning pictures, as always!

  3. I love the way dahlias are so ‘in your face’ Loren; there is nothing shy and retiring about them is there? And yet roses, for all their beauty and colour seem to be much more reserved.
    As for writers’ block – somebody once told me to pick up my pen and write whether or not I had what I thought was writer’s block. I have always found it good advice. Even if seven eighths of what I write is rubbish I am still writing and the occasional sentence makes some kind of sense.

  4. Lucky for you you’ve got photography as another rather powerful tool in your arsenal, Loren. Some serious communication going on there, too. As for writer’s block, perhaps it’s more that you just don’t “feel” like writing, rather than you’re trying to and just can’t get any traction? Are you sitting down with the intention to write but the words just won’t come, or are you simply finding other, more urgent ways to pass the time—like hiking and taking these amazing fotos?

    1. I want to write something serious about “sin” (related to Joyce) and, on the other hand, “happiness” and how it’s related to finding meaning in your life. All of the books I read are rather “heavy,” for lack of a better word, and I’m having a hard time relating those ideas to my own ideas in any meaningful way.

      1. Sin? Well! Talk about juicy topics! Someone asked me the other day why I write, and part of my response was simply that I write in order to find out what I think. So I stare at the computer screen and get that delicious thing going—in fits and starts, to be sure, but that’s the joyful/arduous process of discovery. In your case, I think I’d be tempted to explore the very dynamic of everything you’re reading being too “heavy” to relate to your own ideas—perhaps picking at that idea itself would help release your own ideas?

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