What I Do When I have Writer’s Block

I keep thinking there’s something important I want/need to say, but I’ll be damned if I can actually put it into words. I’ve been busy reading, having recently finished five books without commenting on a single one of them, and they’re all great books, well-worth discussing. I’m sure I’ll eventually come up with something to say; until then I’ll just have to let my camera do my talking for me. After all, when I get tired of thinking there’s nothing I love more than a walk to clear my head.

I’m even up to walking through Point Defiance Rose Garden despite having spent two hours earlier in the morning working out of the gym. I took advantage of a short break last week’s drizzle and rain to get away from my computer to check out the flowers.

Although the roses as a whole seem past their prime, the rose garden is still quite beautiful and the late roses are constantly putting out new buds.

yellow rose

Luckily, the dahlias have just reached their prime, and are ready to take front stage. Many of the latest dahlias are huge, but I still prefer the Collarettes classification of dahlia,

Collarettes Dahlia

though it’s hard to say which of these two varieties I prefer.

Collarettes dahlia

I’m not sure if I’ve ever noticed this style of dahlia before, but I think it must be classified as a “waterlily” variety,

waterlily style dahlia

but it reminded me of a lotus when I first saw it.

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