With Lael at the Zoo

After Leslie bought a season pass to the Zoo for a $105, I decided I had to take Lael to the zoo since she had expressed an interest in going earlier. Since I regretted having to rely on just my iPhone on an earlier visit, I took my Canon EOS 5D on this trip, which made it possible to captured better shots and encouraged me look around more than I had done on the previous trip.

In fact, I don’t think I had ever noticed this statue next to the tiger cage,


though I’ve long thought that the zoo’s attempt to integrate ancient ruins into the exhibit was a nice touch.

They’ve also done a great job of landscaping the area, with striking flowers like these lilies


and these brilliant red flowers.

red flower

Of course, I had to take Lael to visit the Budgies, too. Naturally as a “cool” 4th grader, she didn’t react as strongly as Mira had earlier, but she enjoyed the budgies nearly as much as pahtah, except for the one whose talons gripped her finger instead of the popsicle stick to steady itself as it ate.

Budgies on a stick

On the earlier trip with Mira I had tried to capture a shot of this lizard with my iPhone but was unable to do so. My Canon had no trouble shooting through glass under murky lighting conditions, capturing the remarkable scales on this lizard.


Since the puffins were always Dawn’s favorite we had to stop there, too. They were much more active on an earlier visit, probably because there were fish around, but one brave little puffin finally dove off the cliff into the pond below after much urging by the audience below.

Jump! Jump!

When I saw it had to trudge up the cliff back to the top I understood why it may have been reluctant to jump,

Puffin climbing cliff

even if it was part of his contract.

Lael and I spent a nice morning at the zoo before going out for lunch at one of Lael’s favorite Thai restaurants.